American College of Rheumatology

The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) is the main organization for rheumatologists in the United States, and includes members from around the world. Its mission includes advancement of rheumatology knowlege and patient education. To locate "Patient Fact Sheets" that provide information about specific rheumatologic diseases, conditions and medications, go to the ACR website, then click "Practice Management", then "Clinical Support", then "Patient Resources", then under "Patient Fact Sheets" select either "Diseases and Conditions" or "Medications". Website:

Arthritis Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation is a national organization dedicated to supporting arthritis research and to improving the quality of life of those affected by arthritis. This website provides access to patient information about rheumatologic conditions and medications, as well as educational programs and other valuable information. Website:

Lupus Foundation of America

The Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. (LFA) is a major national nonprofit voluntary health organization dedicated to finding the causes of and cure for lupus and providing support, education, and hope to all people affected by lupus. Website:

National Osteoporosis Foundation

The National Osteoporosis Foundation is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and to the promotion of bone health. The website includes patient education on these subjects. Website:

Gout and Uric Acid Education Society

The Gout & Uric Acid Education Society (GUAES) is a nonprofit group of health care professionals whose mission is to educate the public and health care community about gout and the related health care consequences of hyperuricemia, with the aim of improving the quality of care and minimizing the burden of gout. This website provides information about gout and high uric acid levels and their treatment.

Diseases and Conditions: Mayo Clinic Patient Education

This site provides access to informative reviews of various medical diseases, including rheumatologic conditions, provided by the Mayo Clinic. (Locate the review on the condition of interest by clicking on the alphabetical directory at the top of the website home page.) website: