NORTHERN MICHIGAN RHEUMATOLOGY strives to comply with COVID-19 safety and infection prevention guidelines set forth by public health authorities including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). Measures include mask requirements, social distancing, frequent hand-washing and/or sanitization, disinfection practices, exclusion of non-essential visitors from the office premises, and on-site entry screening procedures. Masks, hand sanitizer and soap and water are readily available in our office. We are avoiding use of the waiting room for the sake of social distancing. Office visits are pre-arranged by appointment only. If you need to come by the office, for example to pick up a lab order or other needed item, please call in advance to let us know and to arrange this in advance.

You may call our office at 231-348-3800 if you have a need such as a medication prescription renewal, prior authorization question, laboratory order renewal or time sensitive clinical concern.

Go to the nearest Emergency Department or call 911 if you experience a medical emergency situation. If you have medical problem unrelated to Rheumatology, please seek attention and care from your Primary Care Provider and/or appropriate specialist.

It is uncertain at the time of this NOTICE (12/12/21) when the COVID-19 pandemic will conclude. As of now, Northern Michigan Rheumatology continues to require patients, essential visitors, staff and essential on-site vendors/workers to wear masks with proper fit and placement over nose and mouth. Staff are provided with additional personal protective equipment. We continue to follow careful disinfection protocols for surfaces and use in-room air-filtering and periodic ultraviolet (UV) light sterilization procedures for our examination rooms. We are not open to non-essential visitors to our office including pharmaceutical representatives and vendors, except for brief pre-arranged minimum-contact drop off of needed materials.

In-office visits require a screening questionnaire and touchless temperature check prior to entry into the inner office. Those with fever or other symptoms or signs suggestive of possible COVID-19 infection will not be admitted into the inner office and will instead be advised to seek medical attention and care, as from the Primary Care Provider, Urgent Care provider, or Emergency Department, depending on level of severity. Staff members and any essential visitors to the office are subject to this same screening procedure prior to entry.


TELEMEDICINE visits are offered as an appointment option, if appropriate in your particular case. TELEMEDICINE visits may be conducted via a video platform such as FaceTime or Google Duo, or audio visits using the telephone can be scheduled. Please let the receptionist know if you have a video platform when you schedule a TELEMEDICINE visit.